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Conveyor Belt Bends & Curves

Wrightfield design and manufacture a wide range of curved belt conveyors and conveyor belt bend systems with options based on different models, designs of belts, drives, stands and side guides manufactured to your exact specifications. With all our manufacturing being completed in our extensive Suffolk based factory, we have complete control and can provide accurate delivery dates.

Our robust curved conveyor models are designed for a wide variety of applications from general component transfer to box movement in industries such as food processing, production processes,  automotive, distribution, plastics and packaging, through to general handling in warehouses. Options for angles of curve and belt widths can be specified to cater for many different applications, our design team can help in all aspects of conveyor belt bend and curve design.

Key Specification Options

  • Travel direction: i.e. clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • Travel speed: i.e. belt speed in Metres per second measured at the centre line radius.
  • Motor position: Having the geared motor mounted horizontally on the outer radius at the discharge end of the belt curves conveyor is the normally the preferred position. Though on some larger radius conveyor bends it is possible to vertically mount the geared motor on the inner radius.
  • Motor Rating: We supply a range of SEW Eurodrive helical worm gear units. Our engineers will work closely with you to identify the exact SEW model to meet your requirements
  • Belt Type: There are many types of belt available from belt fabric manufacturers, including
    • Industrial grade,
    • Food safe (FDA approved) ,
    • Wear resistant,
    • Chemical resistant,
    • Flame retardant
  • Surface finishes include
    • Smooth top,
    • Lightly textured,
    • High grip rough
    • Top,
  • Available colours include – Black, Dark grey, Green, Blue and White.

Wrightfield engineers can help you select the correct belt type to suit your particular application.

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