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Workstations with integrated conveyors and materials handling options

Increasing demand for conveyors to be integrated into tables and workstations has led to the development of bespoke industrial workspace options with integrated roller and belt based conveyors. Our design team work closely with customers to design, manufacture and install industrial workstations and automation equipment designed to provide quantifiable savings in productivity. Additionally these workstations can reduce manual handling whilst offering improvements to operator ergonomics.

Stainless Steel Conveyor workstations are supplied and installed  in the the food, drug and pharmaceuticals industries. Steel conveyor workstations are used in industrial product assembly, electrical assembly, automotive assembly,  contract packing, general manufacturing, e-fulfilment warehouses and e-commerce sales operations.

From a standard assembly bench to a packing table with robust welded stainless steel or steel construction, to fully bespoke workstations including  weighing, automation and IT equipment Wrightfield can cater for your ergonomic working needs. All our products are designed and manufactured in our Suffolk based UK manufacturing facility.  We install conveyor systems and conveyor workstations throughout the UK and Europe.

Our design engineers have a breadth and wealth of experience, so we can help develop a workstation solution which suits your business.Where required by the customer we provide site visits to evaluate and assess needs. Our engineers will perform process studies and identify solutions that are designed to suit your working environment.

Over conveyor workstations

By fitting over a gravity roller conveyor, the over conveyor workstation changes simple transportion / movement, into a beneficial packing, assembly or testing space. The conveyor workstation can be designed to provide access to equipment, tools, or packing materials. By not obstructing the flow of the conveyor Wrightfield can turn a simple gravity roller conveyor, into a fully functioning assembly or process line.

Packing conveyor workstation

With clever design these can include packing material storage both under and over conveyor. A good way to improve safety in the packing area is to install Packaging roll cutters. Workstations are perfect for locating IT equipment such as barcode readers and label printers.

Assembly conveyor workstation

Over conveyor assembly workstations are designed to suit your manufacturing process and can incorporate additional work space, parts storage, overhead mounted tool rails or tool peg boards.

Conveyor Workstations Conveyors designed, manufactured and installed by Wrightfield

Conveyor workstations designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout Europe

Conveyor Workstations Deboning Table and pace solutions from Wrightfield

Economical considerations for designing conveyor systems with workstations

Wrightfield’s design team can help you reduce the risks of musculoskeletal injuries through repetitive, manual tasks by designing your conveyors and workstations correctly. As conveyors reduce the need for repetitive lifting and carrying conveyors are a good way to reduce the risks of musculoskeletal injury in tasks or procedures that involve manual handling. If they are not properly designed with the task and users in mind conveyor workstations can contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’S). These can develop when workers must use uncomfortable and/or awkward postures for long periods while working, stooping, twisting and reaching.

If the belt or rollers are positioned too low or too high for the operator the design of conveyor system can produce these postures. If the conveyor is too wide, the operator has to reach excessively to pick objects from the belt. If there isn’t adequate clearance for feet at floor level, the operator may have to lean forward to work. This is where Wrightfield can provide expert advice to modify workstations to meet the sizes and shapes of your individual operatives.

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