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Heavy Duty Conveyor

Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor systems are a robust and simple method for transferring heavy and coarse materials at high rates of throughput. They are be built for a wide of range of applications, making particular use of materials designed to withstand physical damage or corrosion. We are proud to manufacture heavy duty conveyors have been applied in many industries, reliably and efficiently achieving high throughput rates.

Advantages of Heavy Duty Conveyors

  1. Custom Extras such as flights, scrapers, sidewalls, covers and feeding hoppers can all be included.
  2. A wide range of belt options are available to be specified for horizontal and inclined. These include, Chevron, grip top and modular
  3. High Capacity – Heavy duty belts can be run at high speeds, offering high throughput rates
  4. The conveyors can be built to food processing standards using stainless steel construction. For non clean or hygienic applications mild steel is available.
  5. Custom design of framework and support structure. Our design and engineering team design and built conveyor system framework to convey through any facility layout
  6. Flexible installation – Conveyors can be developed to fit into existing conveyor networks, or whole new systems can be developed and installed.

Powered Roller Conveyors for Heavy-Duty Operations

Wrightfield heavy duty roller conveyor frameworks are generally constructed from robust stainless steel folded sections, but can also be supplied in mild steel or aluminium. Conveyors can either be belt or chain-driven, subject to the load being conveyed., our engineers will be able to advise on the best drive mechanism based upon your needs. Roller diameters are available from 40mm right up to 200mm.  Powered roller conveyors are suitable for a range of heavy-duty operations and transporting bulky and heavy packages (up to 800Kg) and are ideally suited to palletised goods.

Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor features:

  • Range of drive options available including belts, chains, and motorised rollers
  • Can transport heavy pieced goods including boxes, pallets, and heavy food packaging
  • Roller system – easy to clean and maintain
  • Intelligent activation the roller conveyor system can be configured to run only when an item is present on the conveyor
  • Perfect for long transportation distances where full control over speed and the process of the conveyor system
Heavy Duty Conveyor Multi Lane Merge Conveyor Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Heavy Duty conveyors designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout Europe

Deboning Heavy Duty Conveyor Multi Lane Merge Conveyor Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

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