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When and where would you need an incline elevator conveyor?

  • Moving goods Floor to Floor – Store Rooms
  • Transport from a lower level machine to an upper level machine
  • Warehousing and Distribution Centers
  • Hopper and chute applications
  • Any application to elevate your products to a different level.

Incline – Elevating Conveyors

Inclined belt conveyors or elevators are used to transport products or items from one level to another via a flexible or hinged belt. During incline or decline products can be controlled by cleats on the belt or kept on the belt by flights or side rail systems. Some elevating conveyors have fixed angles of incline whilst adjustable angles of incline are possible for some designs of incline conveyor.

It is possible to have flat runs either side of your incline conveyor this is often called an swan neck conveyor. These conveyor systems are supplied with either a PVC belt or modular plastic belting. Another variation is a metal modular or “Piano Hinge” belt that is used for products with sharp edges or in higher temperature applications.

The speeds at which inclined belts can be run at is very dependent upon the products that are being handled, but variable speeds can be achieved by incorporating an inverter.

Conveyor belts for inclining and declining products in processes

We offer all our elevator conveyor belt systems with the following options

  • belt design
  • drives,
  • stands
  • side guides

All of which are designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

Adding Flights for added security when elevating

The addition of flights to stop fall back and spillage especially for loose product is easily achieved with Wrightfield Incline Elevating Conveyors. Flights set at an angle of approx 30° usually need to be added. In addition to flights there are also different grades of belt available some providing more grip to help prevent product slippage on the belt.

Incline - Elevating Conveyors Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

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