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Miniature and Small Conveyors

Miniature conveyor belt systems and Mini belt conveyors are available with options based on different designs of belts, drives, stands and side guides. These are manufactured to high specifications in our UK manufacturing site and supplied on a worldwide basis. These miniature and small models are specifically designed for movement of small parts / components / items in industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical and electronics.

Small belt conveyors perfect when space is tight.

Our UK built small and miniature conveyor belt systems are compact and provide an economical solution. They are typically based on a standard machine building slotted aluminium profile, utilising positive belt tracking with smaller diameter rollers (20mm). On our standard miniature belt conveyors can incorporate 5mm t-slots in the side frame for easy mounting and positioning of ancillary equipment. We often use 24V DC motors with available speed controller option.

The miniature belt conveyor systems are versatile and extremely compact, being used primarily for transporting mainly small, light parts in applications such as small parts manufacture, food, pharmaceuticals etc. There are two important operational differences

  • The weight capacities are not high as other conveyors
  • The standard speed is relatively low as standard compared to AC motor driven belt conveyors with speeds of 9 Metre /min. Talk to our Engineering Team team about your miniature and small conveyors specific weight / speed and size requirements call 01379 872800

Our UK built miniature conveyor belt systems are compact and economical. Based on a standard machine building slotted aluminium profile and using positive belt tracking with 20mm diameter rollers.

Options for Miniature and Small Conveyors

  • Speed controllers – The speed controller method is through pulse width modulation (PWM). Because of how PWM works, the speed adjustment can only provide from 9M/min downwards.  We house the speed controller in a robust aluminium casing with adjustment settings of  on / off /speed reduce.
  • Slot nuts – these are available for inserting into the conveyor frame profile so that accessories and mounting plates can be fitted. These are typically available in M3, M4, and M5 thread sizes.
Miniature and Small Conveyors Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Miniature and Small Conveyors designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout Europe

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