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Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity conveyors offer a cost effective simple solution for many conveying requirements. Components as small as 75mm can be handled on smaller / micro systems whereas fully loaded pallets are handled on heavy duty systems

Many types of rollers and side frame materials are available including stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium, to suit high hygiene food grade applications through to more general product movement. Wrightfield design and manufacture gravity conveyor systems in all formats and produce all elements required to build a system in a modular format. These include modular straight sections, bends, spiral bends, gates and merges.

Typical gravity roller components include

The following components are often used with gravity roller conveyors

  • Endstop plate – essentially a plate that is fitted at the end of the conveyor system. It may seem obvious, but on a gravity system where an operator / operators are pushing boxes / pallets / trays down a system, if there is no end stop in place, there is potential for the transported items to end up on the floor
  • Hinged Gate – allows a straight conveyor to be split, allowing it be lifted, so that access can be gained or you can more easily pass through ( without the need to go under or over the gravity roller conveyor) neither of which would be appropriate
  • Screw Foot Support stand – The addition of screw feet allows for simple adjustment and leveling which can be a simple solution if the floor is not perfectly level or you want to be able to very accurately control the gravitational element. Wrightfield can retro fit upgrades to support stands to allow for any operational changes
  • Mobile stand – some sections of the conveyor system may need to be moved and these ca be made mobile by fitting lockable castors or wheels
Gravity Roller Conveyors Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Gravity Roller conveyors designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout Europe

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