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The Wrightfield Approach Conveyor Design

Conveyor System Design, Re-Design, System Improvements & Modifications

The Wrightfield conveyor design team have years of experience in all aspects of Conveyor Design and Materials Handling Installations including Conveyors, Stainless steel conveyors, Gantries, Food processing equipment, for the poultry, meat, seafood, bakery, ready meals and fruit and vegetable sectors. With the latest Computer Aided Design Technology and experienced designers we are able to produce accurate layouts and detailed drawings promptly for initial discussion and evaluation. We then review these with clients either through face to face meetings or video calls. We work with clients through all the stages of the design process from the preliminary layouts to the final detailed drawings.

Silence is golden

At Wrightfield we understand how noisy the industrial and food processing workplace can be with operatives and essential production machinery. We firmly believe that conveyors should be seen and not heard ( or at least add significantly to the noise). Where possible we use energy efficient and quiet operation 24 V dc powered motor driven rollers. These low voltage motors are relatively low torque so they are quiet and smooth allowing operatives to work in close proximity to them.

Optimising space

We design conveyor systems for new build facilities, but often have to fit new conveyor systems layouts into existing production areas. Our team design conveyor systems that load and unload products quickly, continuously achieve critical production sequences, and importantly move products safely without damage

Keeping it under control

By using distributed autonomous control commissioning of large conveyor systems can be reduced. Modern technology allows multiple dc powered rollers, linked to various networks with pre programmed distributed control routines allowing easier control of buffer and feeding of lines without the expense of central processors.

Upgrade / Improve

In some instances it may be viable to upgrade or improve your existing conveyor system. The Wrightfield engineering will be able to analyse and evaluate your existing system and make recomendations.

Conveyor Design Pro Load Wrightfield Conveyor Systems
Conveyor Design Pro Load Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems designed by our experienced in house engineering team

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