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At Wrightfield our highly experienced manufacturing team, project managers and site installation engineers adhere to strict well established practices to ensure safe and successful installations and commissioning of all of our conveyor systems.

Experienced, On-Site Installation Services

Our project managers and on-site conveyor installation engineers ensure the continuity of quality of service throughout the duration of the project. For more information on our conveyor installation services / covering manufacturing and commissioning, please Contact Wrightfield directly

Working in Partnership

Our rationale is to work as a partnership with our customers throughout projects. From the initial briefings and scoping, to initial concepts, CAD design, manufacture in our Suffolk manufacturing facility we keep customers updated at every stage of the project and encourage visits to the factory. Once manufacture is complete the conveyor installation and commissioning stages are best completed with great communication and complete transparency in order to ensure success for both parties

Conveyor Installation

Once a conveyor or conveyor system is ready for installation, Wrightfield assign a dedicated team of highly qualified, trained and experienced engineers to the project (both mechanical, electrical and electronic, as appropriate). On site the Wrightfield team wear fully branded personal protection equipment, and have a reputation for providing a courteous and can do service on site. Our aim is always to avoid downtime, overruns, or unavoidable production delays wherever possible.

Prior to any installation Wrightfield prepare detailed method statements on all aspects of the work, including both mechanical and electrical elements. Risk assessment statements are also provided in advance of the Wrightfield team arriving on site. Once installed, commissioning is the time when we make sure that our conveyors will deliver the repeatable performance required of them. Until the equipment has met with the client’s full approval and has been physically signed off, Wrightfield teams will not leave the client.

Conveyor installation Wrightfield Conveyor Systems
Conveyor installation Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Conveyors and Conveyor Systems designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout Europe

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