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Flexible conveyors

Flexible conveyors (mobile conveyors) are perfect for transporting goods and materials around the workplace in a fast, easy and effective manner. This can improve productivity and reduce manual handling, but they can take up a large amount of space when not in use. Flexible conveyors (mobile conveyors) can be expanded and manipulated around corners allowing goods to be moved safely, quickly and efficiently when in use. Importantly they can be collapsed and retracted to a fraction of their size when not in use, allowing for easy storage.

Roller models are suitable for general purpose use and by using runners are capable of handling components within warehouse and industrial applications. Often lattice pattern sides frames are incorporated allow extension / compression to suit changing applications and the ability to close for efficient storage

The flexible conveyors are fitted with handles and swivel braked castors to allow for easier movement. Flexible conveyors primarily provide height adjustment from 650mm to 1100mm with a load capacity of 80 Kg per metre. With options of PVC, skate-wheel and steel rollers Wrightfield will design, develop and manufacture  flexible conveyors to suit your exact requirements whether you are simply looking to increase efficiencies within the production areas, or reduce product time in packing and dispatch areas.

What’s the difference between a typical roller conveyor and an extendable skate wheel conveyor?

  • A skate wheel conveyor will compress to a smaller length than a compatible roller conveyor when closed.
  • A skate wheel conveyor will weigh less than a full width roller version, making it easier to handle.
  • Occasionally for packages that are not totally flat on the base, skate wheels can be more forgiving and allow better movement
incline elevator Flexible conveyors systems Wrightfield Conveyor Systems
Flexible conveyors systems Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

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