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Unpowered Conveyors

Gravity conveyors are unpowered conveyors such as a gravity chute or a roller conveyor that uses gravitational force to move materials over a downward path.  When an item has sufficient weight to allow them to move unassisted downwards, usually on an inclined runway then a gravity conveyor can be used for transporting articles. A gravity conveyor can utilize skatewheels or full rollers

Freely rotating tubular rollers located on a fabricated framework, assembled in longitudinal sections and slightly inclined that help the load move under gravity is another type of gravity roller conveyor.

Perfect For Conveying Lightweight Items

Gravity flow skate wheel conveyors are an economical option for conveying lightweight cartons, trays, or boxes. They are used extensively in goods in / goods out (shipping/receiving) and assembly areas. Skate wheel conveyors reduce manual material handling of lightweight items over short distances. Any items with a smooth, flat bottom can be moved with skatewheel conveyors: boxes, carriers, sheets, flat bundles, creates, cartons, flat bags, selected totes. These items can be wider than the conveyor; 150mm over on each side is not too much. Extra wide items like sheet wood, can be moved but must be centered carefully.

Gravity Conveyors – Skatewheel or Roller

The places you use gravity roller conveyor are mostly the same as skatewheel, with some significant differences in the type of load. Roller conveyor is more expensive than skatewheel, and can be more effective, dependent on what’s being moved. Items with an uneven or open bottom, or with a rim on the bottom should be conveyed on rollers. As a rule of thumb these items should never be bigger around than the rollers are long.

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