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Metal Detection On Conveyor Systems

Wrightfield have extensive experience of specifying and installing industrial metal detector equipment that works in tandem with our conveyor systems. Fitting metal detection equipment helps to protect products going through production process and equipment from damage. There are a wide variety of metal detection units available and Wrightfield can advise in the specification and selection process

Tunnel Metal Detection Conveyor Characteristics 

  • For installation in belt conveyors, vibratory chutes, material slides and drop chutes.
  • Detect encapsulated metals or loose parts of metal.
  • Provide high sensitivity  especially in rough industrial environments.
  • Reliable technology, which has proven itself for many years.
  • Operator user-friendly which encourages operational usage
  • Protects valuable production equipment from damage
  • Specifically tailored system solutions developed to match conveying system technology and required equipment.
Metal Detection Conveyors Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Metal Detection in Food Processing

  • Inline tunnel metal detector for use with conveyors suitable for detecting smaller metal contaminants in wet, chilled, frozen and hot foods, foods packaged in metalized film. These systems virtually eliminate false rejects, which reduces costs and increases productivity.
  • Using a tunnel-type metal detector, it is possible to detect all kinds of metal contaminants, including non-ferrous, ferrous, and even difficult to detect stainless steel grades. When integrated with conveyor equipment, tunnel metal detector systems can provide advanced metal detection and rejection solutions for food and non-food processing applications.
  • Wrightfield integrated conveyor systems with Industrial tunnel metal detectors to provide a metal detection solution that will comply with specific retailer codes of practice and food safety standards. We can incorporate a variety of fail safe features support due diligence aims, and allow food processing companies and manufacturers to optimize product and process quality.

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