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These units are used to effectively combine the product flow from multiple lanes into an organised stream that will avoid overflow or products to pile up. Wrightfield custom design and custom build lane merging conveyors to site specific requirements

Multi lane and merge conveyor merges multiple lanes to one without multiple servos

To reduce costs down two into one merge conveyors products merges two lanes of separately fed 300 mm long food products (bagged)  into a single lane at over one hundred  products/minute.

Multi lane & merge conveyors designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout Europe

Multi Lane Application

Wrightfield have designed and developed numerous conveyor systems over the last 25 years. We often see where multiple head baggers need to simultaneously release, on conveyors that traveled through curves and up inclines. These systems need to maintain bag registration while evaluating “speed to length ratios” required for correct product staggering at the merge point. Importantly even if the system was stopped and then started again, the bagged product needed to remain in position for a successful combination.

Use of Powered Side Rails

By using powered side rails this allowed maintenance of the bags position in the lane that was being followed across the merge belt. The lane that traveled straight throughth emerge was then filled with these bags These bags then fitted into the gap between the bags. Incorporated into the system were urethane belt transfers, bag settling conveyors, case settling conveyors and high friction side flexing transport conveyors. Wrightfield integrate complete control systems and control panels with line control devices and variable frequency drives.

multi lane and merge Food Industry Conveyor Systems Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

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