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Quick Belt Removal

There are several methods available to provide quick belt removal. This allows for faster and easier access to complete a range of cleaning activities from a simple wipe down, up to full and complete pressure wash, dependent on the belt conveyor application.

Manually operated tension release arms allow solid PU and plastic link belts in horizontal, swan neck or incline configuration to be easily accessed. In the majority of cases these operate via the Top Dead Centre logic (TDC). These provide a major advantage of allowing all elements of the conveyor to be cleaned without the need to use any special tools, which  allows operators to easily maintain high care / high hygiene food application areas.

Wrightfield offer a free advisory service to their clients to discuss conveyor system design including quick belt removal approaches. This allows us to develop custom engineered solutions that we are confident will provide throughput’s required and trouble free operation This can be particularly useful  for food applications which may be satisfied by FDA .

Quick Belt Removal conveyors Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Belt Life

There are numerous factors that can impact the life-span of a belt. These include

  • Belt characteristics
    • Belt type
    • Belt length and width
    • Speed at which the belt is being operated
    • Belt tension
  • Operating schedule (shifts per week)
    • Acceleration / deceleration / fixed speed
    • How well maintained is the conveyor belt
  • Pulley or roller size or material,
  • Pulley alignment (the angle between pulleys),
  • The quality and type of bearing (sealed vs. shielded),
  • The operating conditions of the conveyor and belt
    • Is it running at ambient temperature and humidity,
    • Is the belt subject to detritus / debris in the environment,
    • Is the belt subject to chemical and UV exposure
  • What is the weight of the product / items that are being transported on the conveyor
  • Does the conveyor feature quick belt removal allowing for easier removal
  • Conveyor type,
  • Conveyor design and quality of the conveyor manufacture
Quick Belt Removal conveyors Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

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