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Shuttle Conveyors

These are conveyors that move forward or backward in normal operation to vary the loading or discharge points, or both. They may be designed to move in a straight path, or a combination path of straight and curved. Wrightfield shuttle conveyor are designed to gap the product and turn its direction of travel through ninety degrees.

These units are suitable for transferring product from a much wider belt to a narrow-size belt and vice versa, this can be dependent on the specified shuttle stroke. Shuttle conveyors typically come with a variable-speed electric motor drive as standard though other drive options are available.

shutte conveyors

Reversing Shuttle Conveyors

Wrightfield design and manufacture innovative conveyor systems predominantly for the food processing sector. Every system is designed and manufactured to meet the specific and unique needs of the material and the desired output. For example a piece of raw meat, or a prawn will react differently to a glass jar or ready meal container.

Sometimes, a fixed belt conveyor that discharges material in the same location just doesn’t provide enough functionality and a better solution could be a customised reversing shuttle conveyor.

Reversing shuttle conveyors are used for building an in-line, continuous pile, or alternatively for feeding multiple fixed discharge points. These are similar to a troughed belt conveyor, reversing shuttle conveyors are designed and manufactured with traveling shuttle functionality. This shuttle functionality allows the conveyor to move along a fixed track, as well as transport material backwards and forwards, providing flexibility.

Shuttle Conveyor Recommended Features

High quality, reliable, and long lasting food processing equipment and conveyor systems have been a standard throughout Wrightfield’s history. The standards you can expect from a Wrightfield shuttle conveyor include:

  • Welded structural steel frame – stainless steel available for high hygiene environments
  • High quality motors and gear reducers – at Wrightfield we use quality motors from major manufacturers
  • Industrial grade idlers – where precision components are required these are manufactured in house
  • High grade steel pulley shafts and bearings
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Shuttle conveyors designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout Europe

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