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The Wrightfield transfer conveyor is designed for the transference of products/materials to other belt systems. Each conveyor is designed specifically for the customer’s purposes with only the finest quality components and materials used in the manufacture. We design with hygiene being a top priority at each stage of production.

Due to the bespoke design, the transfer conveyor can be supplied in a variety of angles, turn radii, belt types and widths to suit new or existing process lines.

Close Transfer Conveyor Devices & Grip Side Belt Conveyors

Wrightfield offer a range of conveyor transfers designed and manufactured to provide very close transfer from conveyor to your existing food processing machinery or conveyor to your existing machinery. Due to production environment variations each of our transfer conveyor systems is custom manufactured to meet your food processing environment.

90 Degree Conveyors Transfers Designed & Manufactured in the UK

Belt to Belt 90° Degree transfers often use a turn post to guide the product around the angle with ease. The lowest cost solution is to lower one of the conveyors to the products and simply drop onto the conveyor below. Incorporating automated pushers on sensors can be incorporated to move the products from one conveying system to another. Alternatively rotary tables can be used to load and unload.

Transfer Conveyors
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