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High Hygiene Construction

Conveying is a process of operation or food process engineering that’s function is carrying raw materials, processed products, intermediate products or end products. This operation primarily takes place within the food processing sector.

When unprotected products are conveyed, food safety relies essentially on the control of contamination. Conveyors, are therefore of critical importance to the food industry and food hygiene. Belts and bands can transfer micro-organisms and facilitate in the cross-contamination from one product to another, and from one room to another.

Unfortunately, the cleanability of conveyor systems used within food processing machinery is infrequently not considered. Conveyor systems are subjected to a high rate of wear, and they can become less cleanable in a short time period. With so many types of conveyors and so many application variations implementation of effective hygiene operations becomes more difficult.

HIGH HYGIENE CONSTRUCTION Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

High Hygiene Criteria For Conveyors Belts

Conveyor Material – Roughness and surface condition

For root root crops low roughness is preferred for the belt or the band in order to prevent soil accumulation. Surface roughness should be linked to the conveyor application.

Junctions – On The Food Processing machinery

Mechanical joints have none or little compatibility with hygienic requirements (soil build-up). For this reason ‘endless’ belts or bands are often preferred. When required the repair of the junctions should be made according to the manufacturer’s instructions:

Frame, mounting and structure of the conveyor belt

They should be easy to clean if they are easily dismantled or accessible. Belt edges should be positioned by removable hoods or protections that can be cleaned easily. Conveyor design should facilitate that the belts can be slackened quickly to make the cleaning easy.

The number of support legs should be minimised ( as far is practicable and structurally safe) and should be easily cleanable, to allow easier cleaning operations

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