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Incline/ Decline Straight Belt Conveyors

Inclined straight belt conveyors are typically used for moving products /goods between levels within a building, e.g. onto a mezzanine floor or elevate products between pieces of a process plant.. They provide a lower cost alternative option to a goods lift and in the majority of cases offer the added benefit of a higher throughput. The use of ‘rough top’ or ‘grip face’ belts enables traction between the belt and the goods to be maintained on a slope.

Wrightfield design hygienic incline belt conveyors to suit a variety of different applications involving the transportation of product up inclines and down declines. These belts

  • Full industry range of hygienic belt types and sizes fitted to suit product
  • Belts easily removable if required for intensive cleaning and maintenance
  • Various belts support types available to suit duty and application
  • Available to suit light, medium or heavy duty applications

An incline belt conveyor is used when products must be transported upwards. When products need to rise and where the first and/or last part must be flat a buckle belt is used. A high-friction belt material or conveyor belt with carriers should be utilised to ensure that the products do not slide or roll down. Stainless steel or aluminium feed and or discharge funnels can be used on the conveyor belt in which the products are collected. To suit the product being conveyed Wrightfield inclined belt conveyors can be designed with varying flight heights and pitches along with either PU or plastic modular belting.

The Wrightfield engineering team have decades of experience in designing the structure of the conveyors in a hygienic way to suit the specific sector the inclined conveyor systems are being utilised in and specifying the correct belt type to provide optimum performance

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Incline / Decline Straight Belt conveyors designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout Europe

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