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Pallet Handling Conveyors

Wrightfield manufacture pallet conveyors to be incredibly hard-wearing and adaptable to your business requirements. Pallet conveyors are often used for handling Euro ( 1200 x 800mm) or GKN (1200 x 1000mm) pallets. Our pallet conveyor systems are designed to suit the unit load being conveyed, with widths of up to two metres achievable and with load carrying capacities of up to 8000Kg.

Wrightfield pallet conveyors can be upgraded to operate in temperatures of -30 Degrees Celsius to ensure they don’t seize up in the below-freezing temperatures associated with cold store applications. We provide a fully integrated system which enables chain conveyors, transfers, shuttle cars, turntables, lifts, platforms and guarding to be added to ensure the conveyor system can meet the needs and throughput levels of your business.

To get an idea of how pallet conveyors can be integrated into an existing or new conveyor system you can read our article about roller conveyors and how they’re used or what conveyors are used for to give you an idea of if the system would be a suitable solution for your business.

Bespoke Pallet Conveyors

With our capability to make bespoke conveyors, our pallet handling conveyor systems can be used for various industries including food and beverage and warehouse and logistics.

Our experienced engineers will design equipment to suit your pallet handling requirements. Our expertise and knowledge of various industries allows us to design bespoke pallet conveyors and equipment for special size pallets specifically for your business needs.

Our Senior Engineers, Design team and project department have many years of experience successfully implementing our customers’ conveyor system requirements across a wide range of industries.

Pallet conveyor modules include:

  • Vertical lifts
  • Chain conveyors
  • Chain transfers
  • Shuttle cars
  • Turntables
  • Roller pitches from ~100mm to ~180mm
  • Mild steel or stainless steel (304 / 316)
  • Zero line pressure
  • Capacities up to 8000Kg

We offer pallet conveyor systems from narrow multi-lane and low profile floor mounted models right up to specially designed heavy duty gravity and powered roller versions.

Pallet Handling Conveyors Wrightfield Conveyor SystemsMezzanine Floor
Pallet Handling Conveyors Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

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