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Powered Chain Conveyor Systems

Industrial chain conveyors can be used not just to transport pallets but also transport large or long heavy or light loads. Pallet chain conveyors or “Drag chain conveyors” as they are sometimes known, can be a cost effective alternative to roller based systems. They are useful for long products that can span two or more lanes of chain rather than very wide rollers.

Chain driven roller conveyors and chain conveyors are used when moving large heavy loads such as pallets, drums, bales etc. This range of conveyor can handle product up to approximately 2000kgs depending on the size and type of the load. They are also used in Cold or Chilled stores where Stainless Steel versions are utilised which feature components and configuration to cope with the low temperatures.

The chains are very robust and travel at the same speed due to a common drive shaft. There are many chain designs available with different widths, link types and even some with internal rollers to help movement. Also some chains offer product protective surfaces by the means of chain attachments and these same attachments can act as pushers or locators. The use of rollers inside the chains can also create zero back pressure for accumulation.

Chain conveyors can also be supplied in modules to create accumulation. Being almost silent in operation they can interface with and transfer to other pallet modules, allowing changes in direction to be made. Chain conveyors are typically 2-strand but are made 3-strand for larger applications.

Chain driven live roller conveyors and chain conveyors are available in a variety of conveyor widths, roller pitches and roller diameters to suit the load requirement and throughputs.

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