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Stainless steel food conveyors are used extensively across all sectors of the food industry, including meat and poultry, seafoods, vegetables, salads, ready meals and bakery. They provide extra strength without adding significantly to weight and critically offer excellent resistance to corrosion. This is an important factor in environments where there is water or moisture as they won’t deteriorate, rust or need to be replaced or repaired as often which over the long term will be more cost effective.

With over 25 years of expertise in stainless steel  fabrication for the food sector our food conveyors are designed for maximum durability and strength and minimum maintenance. Through constant design and development we have developed our food conveyors to provide a number of food industry user benefits including  quick belt access. This allows operators to thoroughly clean the conveyor and eliminate risks of cross-contamination.

No matter which stainless steel food conveyor you choose from Wrightfield, we can design and manufacture it to suit your specific industry requirements. Wrightfield food-grade modular belt food conveyors can be supplied with belt solutions to prevent products from falling off at the sides or end whilst being transported from processing to packaging. Stainless Steel Conveyors are available with a fully approved V-groove tracking and PU belt.

Our food conveyors are easily controlled allowing them to travel at variable speeds, fitting with adjustable guide rails makes it easier to transport products along the production process.

Food Conveyor Systems

We manufacture Food conveyors to enable products to move along complex routes and suit the variations, intricacies and specifications of the food processor. All are carefully constructed in our Suffolk based manufacturing facility from stainless steel to achieve the hygienic standards required by the food manufacturing industry.

Whether you are looking to design to fit into your existing conveyor network or have installed as a complete new system, we can provide food conveyor systems to match your requirements. Wrightfield is well known within the food sector to being flexible in their installation process.

Stainless Steel Conveyors Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Stainless Steel conveyors designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout Europe

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Stainless Steel Sanitising Conveyors

Wrightfield specialise in providing equipment that is safe to use in areas of high care, as well as low care. For high care environments our sanitising conveyors are ideal for use within the food processing industry and pharmaceutical sector. Importantly we customise stainless steel conveyor belts to meet your specific requirements. Our conveyor systems are constructed from stainless steel allowing them to operate at high volume capacities, irrespective of what products you are working with. Typically the conveyor belt is either wire mesh or open link modular construction. This produces a high percentage of open area within the belt to allow for sanitising solutions to be sprayed onto the underside of the tray box.

How Stainless Steel Sanitising Conveyors work

  1. Raw materials travel along the conveyor belt until they reach the gap.
  2. As raw material reaches the gap it triggers nozzles that spray sanitising solution.
  3. The spraying duration is controlled by a timer function.
  4. The entire product is sanitised – reducing contamination risks.
  5. After sanitising the raw materials are moved along the conveyor belt until they reach their designated area.

The benefits of Stainless Steel Sanitising Conveyors

  • Wrightfield Stainless steel sanitising conveyors are designed to be accessible, providing easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • This ensures that if you work with food, pharmaceutical or medical products, both they and the equipment used remain sanitised, reducing the risk of any cross contamination.
  • Stainless steel sanitising conveyors are built to last and if maintained correctly will provide years of intensive daily use

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