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Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor Bend

Stainless steel framed conveyor belt curves (bends) turn a product through any angle from 15° up to 180° whilst retaining the product orientation after the curve is complete.

Stainless PVC and modular plastic type belt conveyor bends use fabric based belts that are suitable to transport products with steady movement or accumulation. Note: It is not generally recommended for accumulation to be carried out on a bend

Typically very small knife edge rollers help in the process to transfer smaller and short products from and to existing conveyor lines. Our stainless steel conveyor belt curves are designed to provide consistent smooth conveying of fragile, delicate and small products with no change in orientation. Modular plastic belted versions are also available with Stainless steel frameworks. All stainless steel fabrication is completed in Suffolk based manufacturing facility

Although these plastic modular belts require larger diameter rollers than PVC versions, we can add special transfer conveyors with smaller rollers.

Stainless Belt Conveyor Bend Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Stainless Belt Conveyor Bends are ideal for use in the following applications: Confectionery, Biscuit, Bakeries, Packaging, Products that are small and fragile.

Options and Features of Stainless Belt Conveyor Bend

  • Dynamic or static rollers
  • Adjustable knife edges
  • Scraper and catch tray
  • With or with out leg sets
  • 45° to 180° angle choice
  • Correct product line-up
  • Smooth belt surface
  • Low noise level

Stainless Steel conveyors designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout Europe

Compact Modular Belt Bend Conveyors

For certain applications the Wrightfield solid curve conveyor with a close pitch plastic modular belt provides an ideal solution. When designing conveyor layouts the conveyor bends can introduce a high level of flexibility. The in feed and out feed length requirements normally associated with standard modular belts used in corner applications are overcome by having a conical roller drive and utilising specially moulded belts. This conveyor is ideal for numerous industry applications where the smaller belt pitch optimizes the transfer to other conveyors and the smaller inner radius enables a compact design.

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