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An automated system can help to benefit a company in the food processing industry in a number of ways. We discuss this further in the following post, as well as touching on some of factors that you should consider when looking for an automated system.

An automated conveyor system is a type of conveyor system that uses automation technology to control the movement of items on the conveyor. This can include the use of sensors, control systems, and robotics to automate sorting, tracking, and other material handling processes. The automated conveyor systems can be integrated with other equipment such as barcode scanners, cameras, and software systems, to provide real-time tracking and monitoring of items as they move along the conveyor. There are different types of automated conveyor systems available, such as:

  • Belt conveyors: use a belt to transport items
  • Roller conveyors: use rollers to move items along a track
  • Chain conveyors: use chains to move items along a track
  • Vertical conveyors: move items up and down
  • Pallet conveyors: transport palletized items
  • Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems: use small vehicles to transport items

Benefits of an Automated System

An automated system can benefit a company in a number of ways. Perhaps the key advantage of using such a system is increased efficiency. In general, an automated system is able to carry out certain duties, such as packaging, grading and labelling, at a higher speed than manual labourers.

An automated conveyor can also help to lower running costs. While the initial outlay for a machine can be considerable, this is a one off payment. In the long term, the systems can help a company to improve productivity and profitability

Requirements of an Automated System


In the fast paced industry of food processing, there is no time to waste. So wherever an increase in speed can be made it can be a huge advantage. For this reason, any automated conveyance solution must offer speed.


An automated conveyor system must offer at least some degree of flexibility. This allows the system to handle various lines of products at one time. It also ensures that if the specification of a particular product is changed the system can easily be reprogrammed.


While speed is of the utmost importance in the food processing industry, precision must not be overlooked. Without precision, the speed at which an automated conveyor works is irrelevant. Always ensure that any automated system offers unerring accuracy.


Unplanned downtime in any industry can have serious consequences; but this is never truer than in the food processing sector. Here, livestock and frozen food are common place, so it is vital that an automated system is reliable.

Automated Conveyor System – Find Out More

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