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At Wrightfield, we design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of fully equipped bakery grading solutions. Our systems are tailored to the needs of a customer and can help to increase automation within an operation, we take a closer look in the following post – please continue reading for more information.

Bakery grading is the process of evaluating and classifying bakery products based on specific criteria such as size, shape, color, texture, and overall quality. This process is used to ensure consistent quality and standards in bakery products, and can be used for both raw ingredients and finished products.

Bakery grading can be done manually by trained personnel, or by using automated systems that use cameras, sensors, and image processing technology to evaluate products.

In manual grading, Bakery products are evaluated by trained personnel based on the specific criteria. They can use their senses such as sight, touch, and taste to evaluate the quality of the products.

In automated grading, The bakery products pass through the machine, and the machine captures images of the products and analyzes the images using image processing technology. The machine can evaluate the products based on the specific criteria such as size, shape, color, texture, and overall quality.

Automated Bakery Grading

The food processing industry is an extremely competitive area of business where fine margins can make all the difference. As such, there is a constant pressure to reduce manual handling and automate steps and processes. Automated grading systems can grade baked goods at high speed without manual intervention, helping to increase accuracy and accelerate production.

We produce fully automated bakery grading solutions that can carry out the indexing of naked or packed products, packaging and labelling.

Our solutions are efficient to run and deliver minimal downtime with low operational costs thanks to minimised manual labour requirements. The solutions are highly compatible, designed to integrate with your existing systems and infrastructure, as well as adaptable and flexible, allowing operators to quickly and easily change package formats.

Naturally Hygienic

Significantly, all of our grading equipment is designed with hygiene in mind. Our solutions comply with the most stringent industry standards and are made from naturally hygienic materials, ensuring that that are not only easy to clean but to keep clean

Ultimately, our end goal is to help our customers to optimise efficiency, increase throughput and minimise giveaway.

Wrightfield In Focus

We are a trusted and experienced industry expert. We own our own facility in Suffolk, where we design and manufacture a vast range of food processing equipment. Once these stages of a project have been completed, we also provide installation and aftercare services.


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