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Balcony railings are exterior architectural features that can both help to enhance the safety and design of a house. There are a complete range of styles and sizes available to those who are in the market for this particularly variety of railing, as we consider in the following post.

Balcony railings are the barriers that are installed along the edge of a balcony to provide safety and security for people using the balcony. They are usually made of metal, such as aluminum, steel, wrought iron or stainless steel, but can also be made of wood, glass or other materials. Balcony railings come in various styles and designs, from simple and functional to decorative and ornate.

Balcony railings can be designed to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements. They can be designed to match the architectural style of the building, to complement the overall design of the space, or to provide a specific aesthetic or visual effect. They also have to meet safety standards, such as the International Building Code (IBC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure that they are sturdy and secure enough to prevent falls.

The Purpose of Balcony Railings

Full length windows can provide extra light in a room and create an airier and brighter atmosphere. For this reason, they are often installed on the exterior of bedrooms and lounges, as well as other areas of a house that occupiers most frequently reside.

The railings have a compact nature which makes them a popular choice for home owners in built up urban areas, such as city centres. Unfortunately, full length windows can present some challenges, including health and safety issues. This is where balcony railings come in. The barriers cover the exterior part of a building where the windows are located. A slim design ensures that they do not prevent light from entering a room and a sturdy build means that they are robust enough to negate health and safety issues.


In addition to acting as a safety device, a balcony railing can actually enhance the design of a building. The balconies are available in a range of different styles, from intricate options to minimalist designs. This ensures that a customer is able to find a style that suits both their taste and premises.


Additionally, a wide variety of sizes are available. This includes small balcony railings designed to cover a single pair of full length windows and much broader options that can cover the entire side of a building. The size of a balcony is normally dictated by the requirements of a customer.

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Balcony Railings – Find Out More

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