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At Wrightfield, we manufacture a comprehensive range of belt conveyor systems.

Having worked extensively in the poultry, meat and seafood sectors we have gained a huge amount of knowledge and insight into the best practices within the sector. If you are looking to improve an existing system or need a completely new conveyor system Wrightfield Technical Engineers are available to help.

Modular Belt

This low maintenance belt is something of an all rounder in the conveyance solution sector. At once flexible, versatile and reliable, this belt can convey products through inclined, horizontal and helical paths. The belt can also facilitate 180 and 90 degree turns.

PU Belt

Also referred to as the polyurethane belt, the PU belt is very well suited to use in the food processing industry. The conveyance solution is resistant to grease, oils, waters and many other liquids regularly encountered in food processing facilities. The belt is also highly resistant to industrial strength cleaning products – this ensures that high levels of hygiene can be maintained at all times.

Despite its robust design, the belt is able to cater just as well for delicate products as it is larger, heavier items.

Belt conveyor systems are material handling systems that use a moving belt to transport items from one location to another. They are commonly used in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, mining, and logistics, to move materials and products efficiently and safely.

Belt conveyor systems consist of several components:

  • A belt: a continuous loop of material that moves along the conveyor
  • A drive unit: a motor or other power source that drives the belt
  • Pulleys: used to change the direction of the belt
  • Idlers: used to support the belt and keep it in alignment
  • Rollers: used to help guide and control the movement of items on the belt
  • A frame: used to support the belt and other components of the conveyor
active roller belt

Slat Belt

The slate belt features an innovative hinge design that permits the conveyance solution to offer extreme flexibility. The slat belt is able to handle both complex loops and tight turns. This can be very useful if a facility is a little short on space. The slat belt is normally used to convey smaller, lighter duty items.

Wrightfield Belts

In addition to the belts mentioned above, at Wrightfield we offer a number of transfer conveyor type belts. These are designed for the transference of products and materials from one belt system to another, as well as from one level to another.

Our comprehensive range of belts are manufactured in house and can be made to the exact requirements of a customer.

Belt Conveyor Systems – More Information

Click on the following link to find out more about belt conveyor systems or this link for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

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