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Conveyor belt manufacturers Wrightfield have a great deal of experience and expertise in the industry.

With an experienced design team working with the very latest CAD systems and a large and fully equipped manufacturing facility, Wrightfield are perfectly positioned to design and build complex conveyor systems for the food processing sector.

Experience and Expertise

Wrightfield have more than twenty years of experience in the food manufacturing and processing industry. Our expertise lie in the manufacture and installation of food conveyor systems and solutions.

Food Processing Philosophy

We are conveyor belt manufacturers whose reputation in the industry is built on the philosophy ‘Better by Design’. This simple mantra underpins every conveyor belt that we manufacture; by sticking to this principle it ensures that we are able to continually innovate our conveyance solutions to include the latest technologies. The philosophy also allows us to create the most efficiently designed solutions and to, ultimately, increase our client’s productivity and profitability.

In House Processes

Wrightfield is located in Suffolk, in the East of England. Here, we have our own manufacturing facility, which is the centre for the design, project planning and manufacturing of all of our products.

We carry out all of our processes in house. We feel that this is a factor that allows us to provide our clients with the best service possible and to allow us to use a given budget in the most efficient manner possible.

Firstly, in house production gives us complete control over the quality of materials being used during the manufacturing process. Another benefit is that it allows us to ensure that extremely high levels of hygiene are maintained at all times. Furthermore, in house production allows our departments to correspond with each other internally, helping to maximise efficiency.

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