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What drives us to constantly develop and evolve our conveyor design? And how can this strategy help our clients to improve efficiency and profitability? We discuss both topics in greater detail below.

Better By Design

We believe that everything is better by design. It is a philosophy that underpins each and every conveyor design that we conceive. It is our belief in this mantra that ensures we are always looking to innovate, develop and improve our products, solutions and systems.

To enable us to stick to this principal principle of ours, we not only welcome feedback from customers but encourage it. The client feedback, to us, represents invaluable data. With it we are able to gain empirical and extremely accurate insights.

Using this knowledge, we are able to deduce in which areas we are excelling and in which areas we may need to develop our systems. Our end goal is to produce the most efficient solutions possible for our clients, enabling them to increase productivity and, ultimately, profitability

In House Conveyor Design

In our own 26,000 square foot Suffolk-based facility, we design, manufacture and build the vast majority of our conveyor solutions. It is a seamless process that helps to ensure that we are able to realise the visions of our clients in the most accurate manner possible.

Clients communicate their needs directly to our design team, which in turn meets and communicates directly with our manufacturing team. Our talented in house design team uses the latest in 3d modelling software to create cutting edge conveyor solutions. While the manufacturing team has access to some of the highest specification machinery available in the UK.

Radius conveyor with transfer belt with tight nose transfer and underslung drive freezer in feed Wrightfield

Find Out More About Conveyor Design

Click on the following link to find out more about conveyor design or this link for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

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