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The Important Elements of Conveyor System design

The important elements of conveyor system design include the type of conveyor, the belt or chain specifications, the drive system, the pulleys and rollers, and the take-up system. Other important factors to consider include the overall layout of the conveyor system, the material being transported, and the environment in which the conveyor will be operating. Safety and maintenance considerations also play a crucial role in conveyor system design

Conveyor system design is one of the core services that we provide at Wrightfield. Our philosophy when it comes to this and all other parts of a project is “Better By Design”. With this refrain as a consistent reference point, we are able to ensure that all of our design work is in the process of continual development, a key factor in helping us to hone each individual element of an overall solution specifically for the function or functions that it carries out.

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Invaluable Empirical Data

In order to ensure that we are able to underpin all our work with the aforementioned mantra, we not only welcome feedback from our customer base but encourage it. We find that such data provides us with empirical information that would otherwise be very hard to get hold of. This is a factor that allows us invaluable insights into the areas of our solutions that work well and those that may require further development.

Experience Design Team

We are a company that has more than twenty years of experience in the food processing industry. Over this time, our design team has developed an impressive track record for designing industry leading solutions, systems and equipment for a range of sectors, including poultry, meat, seafood, live bird handling, ready meals, bakery, fruit & veg, container packaging and more. Our extremely adept designers use the latest in CAD and CAM processes and take an individual customer’s needs into consideration during the design process.

Other Core Services Offered by Wrightfield

In addition to conveyor system design at Wrightfield, we also offer consultation, manufacture, installation and process improvement. We also provide a comprehensive after sales service that includes emergency breakdown repair, planned maintenance, supply of spare parts and components and shift cover.

Conveyor System Design – Find Out More

Conveyor System Design Considerations

  1. Type of conveyor: The type of conveyor system (e.g. belt, roller, chain) will depend on the specific application and the material being transported.
  2. Belt or chain specifications: The belt or chain used in the conveyor system must be able to withstand the weight and size of the material being transported.
  3. Drive system: The drive system must have the necessary power and speed to move the conveyor belt or chain.
  4. Pulleys and rollers: The pulleys and rollers must be able to support the weight of the conveyor belt or chain, and must be properly aligned to prevent belt or chain misalignment.
  5. Take-up system: The take-up system is responsible for maintaining the proper tension on the belt or chain to ensure smooth operation.
  6. Layout: The overall layout of the conveyor system must be designed to optimize efficiency and minimize the risk of material jams or spills.
  7. Material: The type of material being transported will affect the design of the conveyor system, including the type of belt or chain used, the speed of the conveyor, and the height of the conveyor.
  8. Environmental considerations: The conveyor system must be able to operate in the specific environment in which it will be used, and must be able to withstand any potential hazards such as dust, humidity, or extreme temperatures.
  9. Safety: The conveyor system must be designed with safety in mind, including emergency stops and other safety features to protect workers and equipment.
  10. Maintenance: The conveyor system must be designed for easy maintenance and repair, to minimize downtime and increase the lifespan of the equipment.

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