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Wrightfield is a leading manufacturer of food processing conveyors. We have more than 20 years of experience of designing, manufacturing and installing food processing conveyors across a range of sectors, including meat, poultry, seafood, bakery and fruit & veg. Additionally, we specialise in live bird handling, ready meals and container & packaging. All conveyance solutions that we manufacture are available in specifications tailored to the exact requirements of a customer. In this post, we take a look at a few of the conveyors that we have available.

Food Processing Conveyors – Belt Types

PU Belt – a hardwearing belt that is well suited to the often harsh conditions of the food processing industry. The belt is able to withstand rigours such as grease and fluid spillages, and industrial strength cleaning products.

Slat Belt – the slat belt is capable of conveying products through a range of different paths, such as helical, vertical and horizontal. The belt is ideally suited to facilities in which floor space is at a premium: it can facilitate long winding roots and can be used for overhead conveyance.

Modular Belt – the modular belt is a low maintenance belt that is well suited to the food processing industry. The versatile belt has been tested in numerous different environments and permits 90 and 180 degree turns, ensuring that long, winding routes are handled without any issues.

Transfer and Elevator Conveyor Types

Elevator Conveyor – the elevator conveyor represents a practical and affordable solution to the problem of transferring products from one level to another.

Spiral Conveyor – the spiral conveyor makes it possible to elevate and lower products to and from processing lines of different heights.

Transfer Conveyor – the transfer conveyor facilitates the transfer of products and materials from one belt system to another.

Food Processing Conveyors – Find Out More

Click on the following link to find out more about food processing conveyors, or this link for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

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