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Wrightfield is a respected and experienced food processing industry specialist. We design, manufacture and supply a complete range of food processing machinery, as we discuss in the following post. Continue reading for more information.

Solutions for All Processes

The complete range of food processing machinery available from Wrightfield covers all elements of the food processing industry. This includes:

  • Conveyance
  • Material Handling
  • Poultry processing
  • Live Bird Handling
  • Humane Stunning
  • Meat Pressing
  • Dicing & Slicing
  • Access & Guarding
  • Lifting & Tipping
  • Coating & Crumbing

In House Processes

We own our own 26,000 square foot facility located in Suffolk, in the East of England. Here, we design, develop and manufacture a huge range of food processing machinery. The ability to design, manufacture (using the latest start of the art manufacturing equipment) and install through our in-house installation team provides us with a high level of flexibility.

By carrying out these processes in house, we believe that it helps to encourage interdepartmental communication and collaboration. This is a factor that ensures that the core concept of a project is maintained from start to finish.

We also believe that by undertaking each step of a project ourselves, we are able to streamline processes, allowing us to meet even tight deadlines.

Better by Design

At Wrightfield, our philosophy is simple:

Better by Design

This three-word phrase helps us to continually innovate our solutions, and incorporate the latest industry best practices and technologies.

This ensures that we develop only the most effective and efficient machinery for our customers, it also allows us to stay ahead of the competition.

Ultimately, our end goal is always to help our customers to optimise their productivity and profitability.

Food Processing Machinery – Find Out More

Click on the following link if you would like to find out more about food processing machinery, or this link for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

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