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The food industry is an extremely competitive business, where speed and efficiency are paramount to meet supply and demand. Wrightfield’s fruit processing machinery provides solutions in the most important areas, with a number of efficient processes used in the manufacture of their machinery.

The three main areas are:


This includes fixed table weigh stations that allow operators to manually achieve the desired weights while the product passes on an adjacent conveyor belt. Fruit processing machinery and all food processors require accurate, high speed weigh systems. Minimising waste while ensuring quality.


Creating accurate, highly automated graders that minimise giveaway. Grading systems that can grade products at high speed without the need for manual intervention. Developed and installed in house to keep costs low, while also allowing an adaptable and flexible system for the client.


As Wrightfield is a highly versatile company that manufactures products for a number of different sectors, it can create and install a vast number of different conveyors, from spiral conveyors to roller belts. Each can be built to the specific needs of the client to fit the requirements of their work area.

Wrightfield works on all the steps within the production process to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.

Quality, Experience & Service

Our 45,000 square foot facility is the centre for in house design, project planning and manufacturing activities. Combining this with Wrightfield’s wealth of experience in the food industry, ensures our clients receive the highest levels of service and quality at all stages.

The design team use the latest 3D modelling software to create system designs, including structural calculations where required. Their manufacturing facility boasts some of the highest specification machinery available in the UK ensuring that any fruit processing machinery will be of the highest quality.

Wrightfield – Better by Design

Wrightfield is an engineering company based in Suffolk that specialises in the food manufacturing industry. Their primary focus is the design, manufacture and installation of food conveyor systems which includes fruit processing machinery. With over 25 years of experience and their philosophy of Better by Design has led to solid working relationships with both clients and suppliers.

Fruit Processing Machinery – Find Out more

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