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When installing a mezzanine floor, several considerations should be taken into account:

  1. Building codes and regulations: Make sure that the design and construction of the mezzanine floor comply with local building codes and regulations.
  2. Load-bearing capacity: The mezzanine floor must be able to support the weight of the intended use and occupancy.
  3. Accessibility: Make sure that the mezzanine floor is accessible by stairs, elevators or ramps.
  4. Fire safety: The mezzanine floor should be designed to meet fire safety codes, including proper egress, fire-rated walls and ceilings, and automatic sprinkler systems.
  5. Lighting and ventilation: Adequate lighting and ventilation must be provided for the mezzanine floor.
  6. Building structure: The mezzanine floor should be designed and installed in such a way that it does not overload the existing building structure.
  7. Maintenance: The mezzanine floor should be designed and installed in such a way that it can be easily maintained.
  8. Cost: The cost of design, construction and installation of the mezzanine floor should be considered in the budget.

Mezzanine floors come in a wide range of sizes, depending on the specific application and the available space in the building. The size of a mezzanine floor can be determined by the following factors:

  1. Building dimensions: The size of the mezzanine floor will depend on the dimensions of the building in which it is being installed.
  2. Load-bearing capacity: The size of the mezzanine floor will depend on the load-bearing capacity of the existing structure and the intended use of the space.
  3. Occupancy: The size of the mezzanine floor will depend on the number of occupants it needs to accommodate.
  4. Purpose: The size of the mezzanine floor will depend on the specific purpose for which it will be used, such as storage, office space, or manufacturing.

Typically, mezzanine floors can range from small, single-level structures that take up a small amount of square footage to large, multi-level structures that span several thousand square feet.

Wrightfield offers custom fittings on mezzanine floor installation, as we discuss further in this post. We also touch on other flooring solutions that we offer and how we can help companies to transition seamlessly to life with their new installation.

Mezzanine Floor Installation Wrightfield Ltd

Tailored Design

All of our flooring solutions are individually designed to meet the precise needs of the customer. This helps to ensure that a customer has the right flooring solution for their needs and that it is located exactly where they need it most.

Our flooring solutions can be designed to fit around objects, such as large items of machinery, or to allow access to any for height for any operation.

Highest Safety Standards, as Standard

As experts in the food processing field, we understand the importance of health and safety in the industry. It is for this reason that safety is at the forefront of all our mezzanine floor design and installation procedures.

Our builds can incorporate the following safety precautions:

  • Heavy duty welded hand and side rails
  • Kick plates
  • Entirely non slip punched metal footplates

Other Flooring Solutions

In addition to mezzanine floor installation, we also offer platforms, gantries and walkways. We also offer equipment that can help a company to adapt to life once a new flooring solution has been installed.

Another Level

Mezzanine floor installation creates an extra level in a facility. This can help to optimise the use of space in a factory or other building. However, the new flooring can create a challenge for some companies should goods and products require transference from one level to another.

Wrightfield offers a range of equipment that can help companies to overcome this difficulty, including elevators and spiral conveyors.

Mezzanine Floor Installation – Find Out More

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