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A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor that does not extend over the whole floor space. The floors may be incorporated into the original design of a building; however, they are also very commonly installed in existing facilities.

You can find these convenient floors in any number of different places, this includes:

  • Small Industrial Units
  • Warehousing
  • Food processing factories

In this post we will focus on the latter. We will discuss the potential uses of the floors in this particular environment, as well as providing some information about the benefits of installing such a floor. We will also touch on the potential challenges faces by owners of a mezzanine floor and how to overcome them. Read on for more information.

When might you want to use mezzanine floors in food processing factories?

Office space

Modern warehouses are often built to be completely empty. If a company wants to include an office in the warehouse, a mezzanine level can allow them to do this without using up valuable floor space.

Storage space

An extra level in a warehouse can allow a company to add additional storage space to their facility. This may be desirable, for instance, if a company has experienced a recent period of growth.

Floor space

Food processing equipment is often quite large and, as such, can require a lot of floor space. A mezzanine level takes advantage of the high ceilings in warehouses to create more floor space.


The benefits of mezzanine floor in a food processing premises almost all pertain to that of space. They offer a company greater flexibility in terms of storage options and growth as the the additional floor effectively splits a facility in two, creating extra usable space.

Potential Drawbacks

Having a factory split into two floors may result in the need for products be transported from one level to another. This can present a potential difficulty. However, Wrightfield has a range of products that are able to rise to the challenge, including elevators and a spiral conveyor.

EN 1090-1

When you are specifying a mezzanine floor it is important to ensure that the floor is designed and constructed to the correct standards. Wrightfield have experience in EN1090 and CE Marking, speak to Paul Rust on 01379 872800 for more information.

Mezzanine Floor – Find Out More

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