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Mezzanine flooring and platforms are two ways a company can create new, usable space at their facility. The flooring solutions are completely custom made, so can be installed exactly where a company most needs them.

At Wrightfield, all our mezzanines, platforms and other constructions are made to the highest build quality standards.

The following can all included in our builds:

  • Fully welded hand and side rails
  • Kick plates
  • Non slip punched metal footplates

Why might you want a mezzanine or platform?

An extra floor in a facility can be very useful. It can help a company alleviate growing pains during a period of rapid expansion.

It can also allow a company to incorporate an office in the same warehouse as their factory.

Benefits (other than space)

We have already mentioned that mezzanine flooring and platforms can be used to create space within an existing facility. However, there are a few other benefits that the two flooring solutions can offer, these include:


Both mezzanines and platforms can negate the need for additional storage facilities. They can also negate the need to procure larger premises.

These are two factors that help to make the flooring solutions economical options


Mezzanine floors and platforms are both demountable. This means that they do not require planning permission to be installed.

This is a very convenient factor that helps to make the flooring solutions very efficient.


Creating an extra floor in a facility can result in the need for products and goods to be transported from one level to another. This can be a potential issue for some companies.

Wrightfield offers a range of products that can help a company to overcome such a challenge. This includes elevators and a spiral conveyor.

Mezzanine Flooring – Find Out More

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