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Poultry processing equipment, specifically live bird handling systems, are an essential part of the poultry industry. These systems are used to transport and handle live birds from the farm to the processing plant, where they are slaughtered and prepared for consumption.

There are several different types of live bird handling systems that are used in the poultry industry. These include:

  1. Conveyor systems: These systems use conveyors to move birds from one location to another. The conveyors are typically designed with slats or other features to prevent the birds from falling through and to provide support for their feet.
  2. Catching systems: These systems are used to catch live birds and transport them to the processing plant. They typically consist of a series of funnels or chutes that guide the birds into a holding area.
  3. Stunning systems: These systems are used to stun the birds before they are slaughtered. This is done to minimize their stress and pain during the slaughter process. Common stunning methods include electrical stunning and carbon dioxide stunning.
  4. Shackling systems: These systems are used to hold the birds in place while they are being slaughtered. They typically consist of shackles that are suspended from an overhead conveyor.
  5. Killing systems: These systems are used to kill the birds after they have been stunned and shackled. This is typically done using a mechanical blade or an electrical current.

Live bird handling systems are designed to minimize stress and injury to the birds, and to ensure that the birds are handled humanely. These systems are also designed to be efficient and safe for workers who operate them.

Regular maintenance and sanitization is critical for these systems, to ensure the welfare of birds, and also avoid any risk of contamination in the processing plant.

Overall, live bird handling systems play a crucial role in the poultry processing industry, ensuring the welfare of birds, and the safety and efficiency of the processing operations.

As experts in the field, at Wrightfield we understand the specialist nature of live bird handling. It is an area that requires line speed, durability and extremely high levels of hygiene, while machinery must simultaneously ensure the safety of livestock.

Wrightfield poultry processing equipment delivers on each of these requirements and is the ideal solution for all production capacities and levels of automation.

Poultry deboning on conveyor Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Wrightfield Poultry Processing Equipment

Pro Load

The innovative design of the Wrightfield Pro Load facilitates a number of key aspects of poultry processing. These include module loading and reloading; drawing, pushing and conveying throughout the system; washing of drawers and modules with recirculated water; and draw turning and inverting. The efficient system not only provides customers reliability but with confidence too.


A key component of poultry processing, our modules allow for the efficient and safe transportation of poultry. The modules are designed with hygiene in mind and, as such, riveted joints are conspicuous by their absence. This feature means fewer dirt traps and easier cleaning. The innovative design also reduces repair costs. Wrightfield modules are available in galvanised steel as well as stainless steel.

LAPS Stunning System

The welfare of livestock is a factor that is of paramount importance to us. Our stunning system reflects this and is rated as the most humane by the RSPCA. Loss of consciousness in birds occurs within 40 seconds, while corticosterone levels in livestock are lower relative to systems that use shackling prior to stunning. The poultry processing system also offers benefits to users, these include no annual gas costs, no gas exposure to employees and reduced manual handling.

Complete Poultry Processing Equipment Solutions

In addition to poultry processing equipment, Wrightfield offers solutions across the food processing industry. This includes deboning, weighing and grading.

Poultry Processing Equipment

At Wrightfield we have more than 25 years of UK experience in the design, manufacture and installation of automated poultry processing equipment. We also have experience of working with existing processing factories, to work on their redevelopment and expansion of existing poultry processing lines.

All Wrightfield poultry processing machines ares designed and manufactured within our modern Suffolk based engineering facilities. We have worked on systems suitable for line speeds starting from around 500 birds per hour, up to over 8,000 birds per hour.

Fresh or frozen, whole birds or portions, or a combination of all four, Wrightfield provide poultry processing equipment that provides unique and cost effective solutions. We offer our poultry processing customers the highest grade of equipment and systems within the industry, including:

We also offer specialist consultancy services – with experience across 70 countries – to existing poultry processing companies as well as new start-up businesses.

With such a wide range of support and system solutions, we are proud to be the leading providers in the chicken processing industry.

We continuously work to find solutions to poultry processing challenges such as improving animal welfare, sustainability, food safety, production optimisation, bio-security, operational efficiency improvement and processing flexibility a

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