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Intralox is a company that specialises in roller conveyor manufacture. The company produces a comprehensive range of modular conveyance solutions designed to increase efficiency and throughput while reducing footprint. We discuss further in the following post.

ARB Technology

Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology is at the heart of roller conveyor manufacture. The specially designed system helps to provide a reliable and accurate means to sort, merge, turn and singulate.

Products manufactured by Intralox include:

Turner Dividers: these can turn, divide and reject a range of products as required.

Mergers: mergers help to eliminate issues related to line accumulation, including product damage.

Sortation Systems: these systems can accurately sort items of all sizes and shapes.

90 Degree Transfers: efficient systems that accurately and safely pass products through right angles.

Switchers: these systems provide alternatives to slat switches, pusher arms and sliding shoes sorters.

Aligners: aligners are used to efficiently align products of all shapes and sizes.

Owing to its flexibility and adaptability, an ARB equipped conveyor can carry out multiple functions at once, thereby streamlining system layouts and dramatically reducing footprint. Despite their technologically advanced design however, the systems feature simplified controls – ensuring an excellent and straightforward user experience.

The conveyance solutions are used in a wide range of different industries, including food processing, where they convey meat, poultry and seafood. The products can also be used in the application of beverage handling, can manufacturing, baking and packaging.

Intralox Product Supplier

Wrightfield is an experience engineering outfit located in Suffolk with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We have particular expertise in the area of food manufacturing and processing, and design, manufacture and install a comprehensive range of Intralox Activated Roller Belt equipped products.

Roller Conveyor Manufacturer – Find Out More

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