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At Wrightfield, we manufacture a comprehensive range of sausage processing solutions, as well as systems and equipment that can help with the processing of a number of other meat products, we discuss further in the following post.

Specialised Equipment

Sausage processing is a specialised procedure that requires specialised machinery, and this is precisely what we delivery at Wrightfield.

Our equipment and solutions help with every step of the sausage manufacturing process, allowing you to optimise efficiency and increase accuracy while simultaneously reducing giveaway.

All of our machinery also complies with the strictest industry hygiene standards.

Other Meat Processing Equipment

In addition to sausages, we manufacturing machinery and equipment that for a range of other meat products. This comprehensive range of solutions includes:

Deboning – our deboning solutions include table deboning stations and pace deboning systems.

materials handling meat processing equipment conveyor, pace deboning Conveyor Belt Food

Portioning – our portioning machines can help you to achieve higher yields and reduce giveaway.

Grading – we provide tailored grading solutions to ensure that you receive a product that matches your precise requirements. We offer packaging machines, labelling machines and indexing machines. Our machines are able to index both naked and packed products.

Dicing – we have a range of long established and proven products for the slicing and dicing of products.

Weighing – our weighing solutions include fixed table weighing stations and checkweighers. Our products are designed to increase efficiency and accuracy while minimising giveaway.

Meat Press – the result of acquired knowledge an empirical experience over many years working in the bacon industry, the Wrightfield Meat Press that maximises yield press while ensuring the bacon’s structural integrity throughout the pressing process.

Sausage Processing & Meat Processing Equipment – Find Out more

Click on the following link if you would like to find out more about meat processing equipment, or this link for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

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