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At Wrightfield, we are experts in the design and manufacture a comprehensive stainless steel conveyor belt range. In this post, we take a closer look at the services we offer so please continue reading if you are interested in finding our more.



We own our own facility in Suffolk. Here, in the East Anglia, we carry out the design of a range of stainless steel conveyor belts using the latest in CAD and CAM technology.

We always work closely with a customer to create a solution that is suited to their individual requirements. Factors that we take into consideration during the design process include the size of an operation, its floorspace available and the product processed.


In addition to design, we offer comprehensive manufacturing services at our 26,000 square foot factory using an array of equipment and technology to bring projects to life, including large scale conveyor systems.

stainless steel conveyor belt wrightfield

Why Stainless Steel Has the Mettle for Food Processing

The food processing industry is a competitive and often tough industry, which can take a toll on the materials and equipment used. However, stainless steel is a robust and durable option that can withstand many of the rigours of the industry and represent a long term investment. This makes it a great option for companies that work in a food processing capacity.

A stainless steel conveyor belt is resistant to spills, this includes both liquids, such as water, and viscous fluids, like oil. Moreover, stainless steel is resistant against industrial strength cleaning fluids, which can be very strong and potentially corrosive, ensuring that the highest levels of hygiene can be maintained at all times.

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt – Find Out more

Click on the following link if you would like to find out more about Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt systems, or this link for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

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