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Here at Wrightfield we design and manufacture a wide range of steel bollards for use on commercial properties. Providing protection, security and most importantly safety to suit a variety of needs. In this post we will look at the utility and usefulness of these sturdy bollards and how they can positively affect and impact your business.

Steel bollards can serve dual aspects: they can prevent vehicles from passing and aesthetically complement the environment in which they are located. Wrightfield has a whole host of secure and aesthetically pleasing steel bollards designed and manufactured by our dedicated team.

Our manufacturing capability and history in steel work allows us to provide a service tailored to your specific needs: the height, thickness and diameter that you require. We are able to provide strong stainless steel bollards which are corrosion resistant. Illuminated bollards are perfect for pedestrianised areas and city centres, while safety bollards are ideal for perimeter protection.


Bollards made from steel are able to deter ram raid attacks and protect buildings from hostile vehicles. Two extremely significant factors. The high visibility of the fixed bollards add a preventative measure to the security of your building.


Steel bollards can be used as a barrier to separate people from vehicles and provide a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists. Illuminated bollards are also used to supplement street signs and street lighting. This means in low light conditions drivers are able to see that obstacles exist ahead.


Wrightfield design and manufacture fixed and removable bollards, which can be used at your convenience. Removable bollards may be fitted into a permanent metal ground socket, from which they can be removed entirely, allowing authorized vehicles to quickly pass unhindered.

Steel Bollards – Find Out More

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