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Wrightfield Ltd are please to announce that they have been appointed UK & Ireland Sales Agent for the Symotab Combo Coater. Ad Bontje, Managing Director of Symotab Kft completed the arrangement with Paul Rose, Managing Director of Wrightfield in June 2017.

The Combo Coater provides a single production machine that can be converted from flat bed breading to drum breading, saving valuable production space as less different machines are needed. A wide curtain of breadcrumb or pre-dust lusciously covers the product from all sides. A precision air-knife finishes the job by removing excess coating material assisting towards cleaner frying oil in the next step.

Paul Rose MD of Wrightfield commented ” The Symotab Combo Coater fits perfectly into the Wrightfield profile of products and Services. We are excited about the  product  and with our extensive experience of the poultry industry believe it offers significant industry benefits”.

The Combo Coater has been carefully developed by Symotab using the manufacturing expertise of VDL Systems to provide a great experience to both machine  operators and maintenance personel. Ad Bontje commented  ” I want to thank the team of engineers and production personnel of VDL Systems in Uden. You have shown great team spirit and love for detail which our customers will see back in the truly great Combo Coater that you created. I found in you the pride of workmanship that shows in the precision welding, how well all materials fit together and the softness of all edges that helps in a work safe environment. Thank you VDL Systems Uden Netherlands!

For more technical information on the Combo Coater and to see videos of the product in operation click here.

On site demonstrations are available and to arrange contact Mark Rose  on 01379 872 800 or email

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