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A water management sluice is a barrier that provides an effective and efficient water management solution to a significant problem. We discuss more in the following post – read on for further information.

Flooding the Market

Flooding is a serious and real threat to many companies in the UK. The Association of British Insurers suggests that the cost of the problem in this country may be as high as £3 billion every singly year.

Small area water regulation solutions, such as a water management sluice, can help to avoid the potential devastation caused by flooding.

The systems are typically used on streams, rivers and canals to regulate the water level and to drain and flush reservoirs. At Wrightfield, we produce a range of such products, each one tailored to the specific needs of an individual client.

Bespoke Solutions and In House Processes

At Wrightfield, we offer completely bespoke water management sluices that are tailored to the exact requirements of a client.

We carry out all processes in house. This is a factor that we find helps to streamline communication between departments. In so doing, it ensures that ideas and concepts are passed from one stage of a project to another with maximum clarity and understanding. This helps us to maximise efficiency and allows us to meet fast turnaround times.

water management sluice

Better by Design

We are an experienced engineering company with more than 20 years of industry experience.

We believe in the philosophy Better by Design. We use this mantra as a point of reference throughout a project, enabling us to manufacture the most efficient solutions for our clients,

incorporating cutting edge technologies and industry best practices.

Ultimately, we want to help our clients to maximise their efficiency and, in turn, their profitability.

Water Management Sluice – Find Out More

Click on this link for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

A water management sluice, also known as a flood gate or flood lock, is a device used to control the flow of water in a canal, river, or other waterway. It is typically used to prevent flooding by regulating the amount of water that flows into or out of an area, and can also be used to manage the water level in a reservoir or other body of water. The sluice can be opened or closed manually or by using mechanical or hydraulic systems.

When selecting a water management sluice, several characteristics should be considered, including:

  • Flow capacity: The sluice should be able to handle the expected flow of water.
  • Durability: The sluice should be able to withstand the forces of the water and resist wear and tear.
  • Ease of operation: The sluice should be easy to open and close, and maintain.
  • Compatibility with the existing infrastructure: The sluice should fit well with the existing infrastructure and be easy to install.
  • Cost: The sluice should be cost-effective, both in terms of initial purchase and ongoing maintenance.
  • Environmental impact: The sluice should have minimal impact on the environment and aquatic life.
  • Safety: The sluice should be safe for personnel and the public to operate.
  • Aesthetics: The sluice should blend in well with the surrounding area and have a pleasing appearance if applicable.
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