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Conveyor systems are key to any food processing operation. In this post, we take a look at the systems and belts offered by Wrightfield.

Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Modular Belt

The modular belt is a flexible, versatile and reliable conveying solution manufactured by Wrightfield. The belt permits products to be conveyed through inclined, horizontal and helical paths, while 90 and 180 degree turns are also possible. This low maintenance belt is available in widths and lengths to suit all applications.

PU Belt

The polyurethane belt, more commonly known as the PU belt, has a hygienic design that is resistant to grease, oils, water and other liquids. This feature means the belt lends itself perfectly to the food manufacturing industry. Hardy but gentle, the belts can cater for anything from delicate food substances to large packages.

Slat Belt

With great flexibility, the slat belt is one of the most effective conveyor systems when it comes to dealing with complex loops and corners. The belt can be used for long and winding routes so is ideal if floor space is restricted. In general is best suited to smaller, lighter-duty items.


If space is at a premium, few conveyor systems are as effective as the spiral conveyor. This conveyor also allows for products to be transported from one level to another, for instance if a facility has more than one floor. The spiral conveyor can be supplied in a number of widths and heights, depending on the individual requirements of the customer.

Transfer Conveyor

Designed for the transference of products and materials from one belt system to another, the transfer conveyor can be seen as something of an intermediary of the belt world. The conveyors offer great flexibility and can be designed specifically to the requirements of the customer.


The elevator conveyance system is a practical and affordable solution for the transfer of products between levels. In addition to incline and decline functions, elevator conveyors can perform S-bends and tight turns.

Click on the following link to find out more about conveyor systems click on this link or for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

design conveyor systems

Wrightfield Conveyor Systems Overview

Wrightfield have experience on a comprehensive range of conveyor technologies and provide turnkey automated food and materials handling systems. Wrightfield capabilities include design, manufacture, installation and commissioning and incorporates integrated controls and software design. Our full project management capability incorporates  conveyor installation and co-ordination between our mechanical and electrical conveyor installation teams to meet customers project requirements.

Wrightfield design and manufacture high quality conveyors which integrate / interface with other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) machinery such as meat cutters, food processing, food mixing , food dispensing label applicators, palletisers, wrappers etc.

If you are handling any kind of food product ( raw or processed ingredients) Wrightfield will provide an effective conveyor solution for you.

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