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Processes and Food Production Applications

Wrightfield have worked with numerous food production processes over the last 25 plus years. Food Processing Machinery that we have designed and developed are shown within our products section. Processes that we have worked on include

  • De boning – The classic layout is for Table deboning. This allows the skilled employees to carry out their work at a fixed table. This can be a solution to cuts of meat that come from non-uniform carcasses, giving the employee time to achieve a higher yield. A Pace deboning process uses the moving conveyor belt to transport the product and it is used for the employees cutting surface. The speed of the line will determine the work tempo and capacity. Normally each worker will have a specific cut and task to complete. This may allow a less qualified worker to be used on the pace deboning line.
  • Portioning – The competitive food industry demands that the processors must follow the demands set by the consumer and supermarkets. With effective portioning and you will minimise your give away and increase your yields. Once the product is portioned, Wrightfield can index your product ready for efficient packing.
  • Dicing – Wrightfield have a range of long established and proven products for the slicing and/or dicing of product, namely the 300 and 500 series Slicer Dicer. Designed to cut and slice a range of products from de-boned meats to mushroom protein, the Dicer is built to maximise throughput whilst conforming to the strictest hygiene standards. Combined with Wrightfield’s renowned build standards, this is a range of machinery built to last.
  • Meat Pressing – The Wrightfield Meat Press is the result of accumulative knowledge and hands-on experience gained over many years from within the bacon industry. Further to this, we continuously tap into the enormous wealth of knowledge that exists out there in the bacon processing plants today and to that end we welcome and encourage feed-back from our customers.
  • Coating and Crumbing – Wrightfield are able to offer the all new Combo Coater from Symotab. The Combo Coater is a Pre-duster and breadcrumb applicator, Flatbed as well as drumbreader
  • Weighing – Fixed table weigh stations and Checkweigher
  • Palletising and Depalletising
  • Materials handling
  • Live Bird Handling – incorporating Pro Load, Modules and LAPS stunning system

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