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Table Deboning

The classic layout is for Table deboning. This allows the skilled employees to carry out their work at a fixed table. This can be a solution to cuts of meat that come from non-uniform carcasses, giving the employee time to achieve a higher yield.

Pace Deboning

A Pace deboning process uses the moving conveyor belt to transport the product and it is used for the employees cutting surface. The speed of the line will determine the work tempo and capacity. Normally each worker will have a specific cut and task to complete. This may allow a less qualified worker to be used on the pace deboning line.

The Deboning and Trimming process extends from taking the initial carcass through to dispatching a finished packaged product. A well designed deboning and trimming process will:-

  • Enable you to achieve maximum yields
  • Run efficiently with little downtime and low operational costs
  • Automate most of the process and minimizes points of manual intervention
  • Seamlessly connect specific functional components and create a single integrated line
  • Provide real-time monitoring of operational performance

Wrightfield designs and supplies high quality deboning and trimming processes for food processors across the UK.

  • Our design team can advise, specify and identify the optimal combination of technologies to meet your requirements and physical plan layout.
  • Our engineering team supply, install and integrate all the hardware and software systems you need to run your operation.
  • As part of the Wrightfield design philosophy all of our systems are reliable, easy to clean, easy to operate and efficient. As well as our own equipment we also supply, install and integrate with other food processing technology

For more information on Deboning call our Engineering Team on 01379 872800

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