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Fixed Table Weigh Stations

Fixed table weigh stations allow the operators to manually achieve the desired weights whilst product is passing on an adjacent conveyor belt. With indexed product this allows increased capacity.


A checkweigher allows items to be weighed as they pass through a production line. The checkweigher will reject any underweight products based on the customer classification. Process line speed will not be compromised.

High Speed, Accurate & Minimising Giveaway

A basic requirement as a Food Processor is high speed, accurate weighing systems that ensure you minimise the amount of giveaway and waste while ensuring you deliver the highest quality products to your customers.

Systems need to be

  • Accurate and reliable, with little giveaway
  • Efficient to run, performing day in day out with little downtime and low operational costs
  • Highly automated, reducing touch points and the need for manual labour operations
  • Flexible, so you can change layout and package format quickly and easily
  • Hygienic adhering to all food safety requirements
  • Easily integrate and connect to the other equipment and processes in your production line

Wrightfield work with weighing equipment partners such as multi-head weighers and checkweigher to install and integrate as part of a food production line

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Weighing Solutions From Wrightfield

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