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Access & Guarding
Access & Guarding

Wrightfield are specialists in the design and build of stainless and mild steel access structures. One of our key product lines is the design and installation of bespoke platforms, gantries or walkways for any purpose or application. Be it a control station, elevated work zone, inspection area or even a bridge over a production line, a Wrightfield system can get you there.

Our platforms, gantries and walkways are individually designed to fit into or weave though any given area or workspace, under or over other machinery, or to allow access to any height for any operation.

All Wrightfield constructions are made to the highest build quality standards with safety in mind at all times. Heavy duty fully welded hand and side rails, kick plates, and the use of entirely non slip punched metal footplates are standard build practice.

For more information on Access and Guarding call our Engineering Team on 01379 872800

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