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Summary of LAPS / ProLoad Benefits

  • No gas required
  • Save approx 15% on energy and water
  • Minimise damage to modules and drawers
  • Minimise downtime
  • Easier maintenance
  • Higher safety levels

Benefits to the Birds

During the application of LAPS

  • Lowest hazard ranking of any stunning system (EFSA)
  • Loss of consciousness occurred within average 50-70 seconds
  • Corticosterone levels are significantly lower than birds that are shackled and then stunned
  • No instances of increased heart rate, when birds potentially conscious

Benefits to the Processing Companies

  • No annual gas cost
  • No exposure to gasses by employees
  • No / Low impact on the environment
  • Reduced manual handling
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduction in feed withdrawal

Some current methods of stunning chickens using electric waterbath or gas cause HIGH LEVELS OF STRESS and some using carbon dioxide (CO2) could lead to compromises in the sustainability of our ENVIRONMENT.  Some of the current methods of stunning also claim to be humane WITHOUT sound scientific evidence to prove this and also claim current EFSA approval implies higher welfare even though these systems were grandfathered into law prior to the EFSA Guidance on assessment of stunning methods.  For almost 15 years, EFSA has recommended research to verify these claims as HIGH PRIORITY and NECESSARY to perform a proper assessment.  As far back as 2004, EFSA determined that stunning by HYPOXIA might be the best option from an animal welfare point of view and now the scientific evidence behind LAPS supports that.


  • LAPS should be approved for use in the EU and that current legislation should be amended
  • EFSA (2017) ranked LAPS as having the lowest welfare hazards for stunning systems
  • Comparing LAPS to either Waterbath or Gas stunning using objectively measurable criteria is not possible as little research using the same scientific methods has been conducted on the other stunning systems

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