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Wrightfield Design, Manufacture and Install Conveyors and Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems

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Information on Conveyors

There is lots to consider when evaluating conveyors and conveyor systems. The following articles may be of use as you look to select and identify your conveyor. If you would like to talk to a conveyor technical expert please call 01379 872800

Wrightfield Products

Conveyors and Conveyor Systems

Wrightfield design and manufacture conveyor systems for the food sector. Units include spiral conveyors, transfer conveyors, elevators and de-elevators, multi lane and merge conveyors, basket, crate and tray conveyors, high hygiene conveyors, shuttle conveyors. These conveyors utilise modular belt, thermodrive, wire belt and activated roller belt. Additionally we produce bulk weighers and in line weighing units.

Food Processing Machinery

Wrightfield design and manufacture dicers and slicers, meat presses, these are integrated with our conveyor systems. Wrightfield supply Coating and crumbing machines which can be offered as stand alone units or integrated with conveyor systems. Cone deboing lines are designed and manufactured in stainless steel.

Live Bird Handling

The Wrightfield live bird handling system is designed and manufactured to provide optimum bird welfare conditions for transporting and loading of birds. The system meets industry requirements for hygiene, durability, cleaning and line speed. The live bird handling system from Wrightfield is designed around a modular system that offers solutions for all levels of automation and production capacities.

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Access & Guarding

Wrightfield specialise in the design and build of stainless steel and steel access structures. A key product line that complements the food processing machinery and conveyor systems manufactured and installed by Wrightfield is the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke gantries, platforms, and walkways . Applications include control stations, elevated work zones, inspection areas or even something as simple as a bridge over a production line. Access, guarding and platforms can be fitted on new equipment or retrofitted to existing equipment that needs improving.

Platforms, walkways and gantries are all individually designed to fit into or weave though any given area or workspace, under or over other machinery, or to allow access to any height for any operation.

Materials Handling

Different materials require different handling techniques and mechanisms. From robust and heavy to soft and delicate, the materials are endless. Wrightfield’s experience in materials handling and conveyor systems are designed to give you the solution which meets your needs. Examples of materials handled solutions developed by Wrightfield include Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles, Transit cartons. Aluminium Cans, Aluminium Trays, Plastic boxes and Glass Jars

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