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The team at Wrightfield is highly experienced in designing, supplying and supporting complete production automation lines for food, manufacturing and general engineering sectors.

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The new equipment you select needs to be the right choice to integrate and work effectively with your existing processing and production equipment including existing conveyors.

Conveyor Systems Lincolnshire Wrightfield design, manufacture and install

Multiple Conveyors

Wrightfield multiple conveyor systems are used for all manner of products from food, pharmaceuticals, packaging and consumer products

Conveyor Systems Manufacturers For The Food Sector

Wrightfield Ltd have been designing, manufacturing and installing conveyor systems into major food processing operations for over 25 years. During this time they have manufactured

  • Spiral Conveyors – a popular choice for the elevation/de-elevation of products, due to its flexibility in design and also operation. These conveyors allow the customer to transfer a wide range of products and capacities to other machinery, where the conveyor in the process line is at a different height. Also provides the ability to transfer to another process line on a different level in a factory
  • Transfer Conveyors – designed for the transference of products/materials to other belt systems. Each conveyor is specifically designed  for the customer’s purposes with the highest quality components and materials used in the manufacture
  • Elevators De Elevators – Many applications for conveyors require the installation to take product between two set points. These points however are rarely in line or at the same height, or even in the same room. This is where Wrightfield can help. In order to accommodate the wide ranges of process machinery required for the manufacture of any given product; many twists and turns are inevitable throughout a factory layout and Wrightfield can design the conveyors to meet these demands
  • Multi Lane and Merge – Wrightfield custom design and custom build lane merging conveyors to site specific requirements. These units are used to effectively combine the product flow from multiple lanes into an organised stream that will avoid overflow or products to pile up.
  • Basket, Crate and Tray – Clean basket / crate systems are designed, manufactured and installed based on a customer’s specific requirements. Fed from a Wrightfield (or third party) conveyorised washing machine, clean baskets are transported in a controlled manner, into production areas. By automatically supplying multiple integration points on demand, personnel at end of line operations can be reduced.

Conveyor Systems

  • High Hygiene Construction
  • Inspection and Grading
  • Straight Transfer
  • Packing Stations
  • Activated Roller Belt
  • Belt Conveyors for the food industry using

Conveyor Systems designed to fit within existing buildings or designed for new installations. If you are interested in discussing conveyor systems call Wrightfield on 01379 872800. For over 25 years Wrightfield have specialised in Stainless steel conveyors to read more about there benefits in relation to cleanliness and hygiene, longevity and versatility click here

Conveyor maintenance, serving and repair are as important as conveyor new build. The Wrightfield support team provide a comprehensive range of conveyor maintenance support packages. Click here for more information on conveyor servicing and spares.

As technology changes and advances choosing conveyor system manufacturers that are able to complete all aspects of a conveyor installation from design to fabrication, electronics to robotics is crucial click here for more information

Conveyor System Design Improves Efficiency

In today’s modern food processing environment, whether it is a processing or production facility, the demands are increasing to produce higher outputs, with consistent quality at lower operating costs. These goals can be achieved across multiple sectors / applications through the use of automation and conveyor solutions. Wrightfield develop conveyor solutions that are not only reliable and robust but additional deliver a quantifiable return on investment, which in some cases can be less than one year.

Conveyor automation is available in many forms, including simply transferring product between processing /works stations through to buffer storage or end of line process – packing / labelling / wrapping / infeed to palletiser.  Over the last 25 years of conveyor systems manufacture we have found that the simplest of conveyor projects can produce quantifiable results.

Wrightfield have over 25 years of experience in food handling, and provide bespoke and standard designed solutions to meet your application.  Our UK based design, manufacture and installation capabilities allow us to resolve most of your conveyor / food processing application headaches in house. Wrightfield provide a full compliment of controls and integration packages, for the meat, poultry, vegetable, bakery and food processing sectors

Benefits of Conveyor Stems and Automation in your facility?

    • Reduced personnel and manual handling equipment movements
    • Improved production output
    • Manual handling reduced
    • Create space / storage / buffer areas
    • Allows for elevation to upper / higher level for increased production space / access
    • Increased productivity
    • Operational cost reduction

Stainless Steel Conveyors & Food Conveyors

We often get asked what are the best food processing conveyors for handling raw and packed products? The answer is completely dependent on the food  products you are looking to move. Is the food directly in contact with the belts or is it in packs. Whatever format the food you want to convey is in Wrightfield supply one off stainless steel conveyors through to multifunctional automated food conveyor systems.

Hygiene Compliant Conveyors

Wrightfield custom design, build and install Food Conveyor Systems supplied with hygiene compliant belting. These are designed and fabricated in our UK based factory in Suffolk. Food Conveyor Projects that we have worked on include

      • The most common one which is simply transporting food from one process to another
      • Handling of loose or raw food products. We have particular expertise of moving mechanically difficult food products
      • The transfer of delicate and valuable fruit and vegetable products
      • Conveyor systems that allow separating and grading and incorporate reject systems for defective product

Food Products Handled by Stainless Steel Conveyors

      • Poultry – Chicken, Turkey and Duck
      • Meat – Beef, Lamb, Pork
      • Frozen foods
      • Fruit and vegetables
      • Bakery products
      • Fish and Seafood
      • Chilled, Raw and Fresh ingredients
      • Confectionery
      • Halal products

If you require a food safe stainless steel conveyor system call Wrightfield on 01379 872800

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are incredibly versatile and are used in a wide variety of food processing, pharmaceutical  and material handling applications. The versatility of belt conveyors can be put down to the following

      • Belt conveyor belt sizes start at approx 95 mm but go up to a metre as standard. At Wrightfied we can offer much wider belts where specialist applications dictate. We commonly add side guards to belt conveyors to restrict product movement
      • A wide variation of speeds can be achieved depending upon the product that needs to be moved, Automated lines may be running at over 50 metres/ minute where as complex food processing / finishing lines with multiple operative operations might be 2 metres / minute
      • The addition of legs and casters mean that a conveyor line can be made portable and moved to different production lines / areas as required
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