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Service contracts provide you with peace of mind and guaranteed fast call out

Service contracts

These provide

  • Offer coverage of Mechanical and Electrical Planned Preventative Maintenance on a Monthly, 3 Monthly, 6 Monthly or Annual interval.
  • Critical Components supplied
  • Guaranteed Fast Response Call Out Contract
  • Detailed Reports
  • Service Survey Initial Inspection

External contracting with a specialist “conveyor” company may be a better choice for service than using internal resources. As the companies engineers will be fully trained on the latest equipment designs and technical specifications.

With their industry-wide contacts they may be able to secure replacement parts / equipment more quickly during periods of unscheduled downtime .

Performance problems with conveyor components and systems can frequently be traced to improper installation or insufficient maintenance. Serious performance problems stem from a lack of proper maintenance. Using an external specialist provider for installation and ongoing maintenance should contribute to more efficient production with the potential for less unscheduled downtime. So whilst in the short term it may be seen as an extra cost in the longer term it could save you money.

Service contracts take away the worry of conveyor system performance

Wrightfield Conveyor Systems service contracts

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